Fleet Admiral Wayne Sexton

Name Wayne S Sexton

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82 Meters
Weight 115 kg
Hair Color Dark Blond/Grey
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Angela Sexton
Children NA
Father S Sexton
Mother T Sexton
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) E Sexton
Other Family 2 nieces.

Personality & Traits

Personal History Vice Fleet Admiral Sexton has been a Starfleet Officer for 30 years. In that time he has server in Security, Science, Diplomacy, and Command.

In 2360 Mister Sexton applied to enter Starfleet Academy, and was accepted. Over the next four years he was just like any other Cadet at the Academy, Work, exercise, and more work. When he graduated in 2364 he was assigned to the Academy for some specialized training in Stellar Cartography. When that training was complete he was transferred to the USS Joseph Presley, as a Flight Control Officer. From there he went to the George Washington, Deep Space 9 and Saturn Station for training in Security.

But then in 2373, while serving on Deep Space 9 he heard that there was a position on his old vessel the USS George Washington, in he area of expertise, Stellar Cartography. So he transferred back to the George Washington, still under the command of Fleet Captain Jack Imel. After almost 5 years he had reached the rank of Lt. Commander and was named the Chief Science Officer of the Washington. Then when the Washington went in for her normal 5 year re-fit, the Borg attacked Earth, and the Washington, still half dismantled was called to emergency service and was destroyed in 2378. Fortunately for Lt. Commander Sexton, he was on Earth visiting his friend, and future Chief of the Agamemnon, Master Gunnery Sergeant Michael (Shane) Withrow, on Earth.

While on Earth he was informed that had the Washington been destroyed her crew was to soon be reassigned to the new Zeus Class Starship, for test runs. Luckily the few surviving crew members of the Washington were able to convince IFT Headquarters to continue with the re-assignment and name then Lt. Commander Sexton to oversee the test runs of the USS Zeus. Once the test runs of the Zeus were complete IFT HQ agreed that the Zeus class starship should be given a chance. Thus they commissioned the USS Agamemnon, and named Lt. Commander Sexton the master of the vessel. Thus giving Lt. Commander Sexton a promotion to the rank of Commander. He met his wife around the same time when she was assigned as the Agamemnon's ships councilor. After almost a year he received another promotion this time to the rank of Captain. A position that he still has to this day.

In 2381 V. Fleet Admiral G. Minick contacted the then Captain and requested he assume command of GEO 2. A position that he held until 2384, when Admiral M. Ison transferred him to GEO 1, so that he could also assume command of the IFT Diplomatic Corps. At the beginning of 2387, Vice-Admiral Sexton was promoted to the position of IFT Chief of Staff by Flt. Admiral Haslage, thus relinquishing his positions of Director of the Diplomatic Corps and the GEO 1 Command.

Personal Details (Reality):

Vice-Admiral Sexton is a graduate of Ben Davis High School class of 2000 from Indianapolis, Indiana. He married his wife Angela in November of 2005 in Clayton Indiana. In July 2006 he moved to Anderson Indiana, with his wife, dog Coco, and cat Leanna.

As for IFT, Vice-Admiral Sexton has been a member for the last 13 years, starting as a Cadet Ensign on the USS George Washington, in 1996. When that Chapter was decommissioned in 2001, Vice-Admiral Sexton was transferred to the T'hy'la, until he could convince IFT HQ to allow him to start the Agamemnon. He also at one time, he did all of the updates to the GEO 1 Website, the Agamemnon's site, and the IFT Diplomatic Corps Website.

Vice Fleet Admiral Sexton will answer question that is sent to him, just use the link at the bottom of this page.
Service Record 2360-2361 Starfleet Academy Cadet First Class
2361-2362 Starfleet Academy Cadet Second Class
2362-2363 Starfleet Academy Cadet Third Class
2363-2364 Starfleet Academy Cadet Fourth Class
2364-2365 Starfleet Academy Instructor
2365-2367 USS Joseph Presley Flight Officer
2367-2369 USS George Washington NFC 1773 Security Officer
2369-2372 Saturn Station Advanced Tactical Training
2372-2373 Deep Space Nine Liaison Program
2373-2374 Jupiter Station Field Exercises
2374-2375 USS George Washington NFC 1773 Security Officer
2375-2378 USS George Washington NFC 1773 Chief Stellar Cartography
2378-2378 USS George Washington NFC 1773 Chief Science
2378-2379 USS T'hy'la NFC 8406 GEO 2 Science Liaison
2379 Zeus Class Project Test Run Master
2379 USS Agamemnon NFC 7801 Commanding Officer
2381 GEO 2 Executive Officer
2381-2384 GEO 2 Commanding Officer
2379-PRES USS Agamemnon NFC 7801 Commanding Officer
2384-2386 IFT Diplomatic Corps Executive Ambassador
2384-2386 GEO 1 Commanding Officer
2387-Pres IFT World Headquarters Chief of Staff
2388-Pres IFT World Headquarters Chief of Staff